For buyers

Tell us what you need and are looking for in terms of housing and we'll help you to find a suitable home. We are continuously offered a wide range of housing for sale, meaning we can find a house or apartment to suit you before the home or property moves on to the public markets.

We will help you during the purchasing process by e.g., checking up on important matters related to the acquisition of a home or property.
We are able to draw up and check deeds of sale and other documents efficiently and professionally.

We can also help you to find a home or property in Estonia through our real estate brokerage contacts.


Helle House Oy

Helsinki office:
Eerikinkatu 27,
00180 Helsinki

Porvoo office:
Vanha Kuninkaantie 37,
06100 Porvoo

Helle House Oy

Eerikinkatu 27, FI-00180 Helsinki | Vanha Kuninkaantie 37, FI-06100 Porvoo |,, Tel. +358 20 7597860+358 20 7597860, Business ID: 2440085-0
Prices subject to tax for calls to 0207 corporate numbers are €0.0828 per call + €0.07/min from a landline and €0.0828 per call + €0.17/min from a mobile telephone.